About Us

My name is Clare and Pooch and Pets was always my dream, I have owned pets most of my life and I currently have 2x Pooches (Morris and Flash), 2x Guinea pigs (Charlie and Rupert), 1x Cornsnake (Ernie) and 2x lizards (Jerry Leopard gecko, and Albert Crested gecko)

My history

My passion since being a child has always been animals.
I have completed a number of animal related courses from a National Certificate in Animal Care which I studied at Bicton College in Devon

Online courses

Pet Obedience (ICS Diploma)
Dog Psychology (Animal Behavior Center in Cumbria)
Advanced Dog and Cat Nutrition (Animal Care College)
Dogs and the Law Level 3
Animal Care, Welfare and Ethics Level 3

Workshops and Seminars

Trevor Coopers Dog Law
Dog Training College Canine Body Language
Dog Training College Reactive Rascal

our focus

Our main focus will always be the welfare and well-being of the animals that live along side us, by providing them with the best possible care, they give us so much, this is my way of giving back to them.

If you would like to speak to us about your pets and how we can help,
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