What's a Dog Walk?

Please note all information found on my Did You Know pages are from my own research and experiences. If you are concerned about your pets health and wellbeing, Please seek professional advice from your Veterinarian, Behaviourist or Trainer

What's a dog walk?

Some people may think this is an easy subject however I think a dog walk shouldn’t just be “take your dog to a field and throw a ball” dogs need to interact with their surroundings, they need to be able to sniff and find out who’s about, they need mental stimulation.

Take them to different places

Don’t just take them to the same place on every walk change it up, this keeps them interested in exploring their surroundings, it will also help with building your bond with your pooch.

At Pooch and pet’s I have certain areas I use but I don’t walk the same area 2 days in a row, I will always walk a different direction or walk down paths I haven’t been down. I am always exploring new areas to see if they are suitable for walking the pooches in my care.

Taking toys

Taking toys can be fun and I do some times take a Frisbee with me depending on the pooches I am walking. So, on an hour walk they are maybe only playing Frisbee for about 20 minutes this is so they can interact with their surroundings and each other (nothing better than seeing pooches playing with each other) when I feel they need a little bit extra I will throw the Frisbee for a little while and then stop so they can interact again.

Training on a dog walk

A walk is always a good opportunity to practice training, such as walking to heel, recall, and basic obedience.

Other things you can do on a dog walk

These are a few other things you can do whilst walking your pooches

  • Grooming, especially if you have a pooch who moults a lot, then the wild birds will use the hair to make their nests all nice and cosy.
  • Play games, such as hide and seek, or hide a toy and get them to find it

Always get them to use their brains especially if you have a working breed, change the walk, allow them to interact with their surroundings, add in a toy occasionally to keep it interesting. Walking your pooch helps to build the bond between you and your pooch, and by interacting with your pooch on a walk makes to walk fun for you and them.