What to look for when looking for a pet professional

Please note, all information found on my Did You Know pages are from my own research and experiences, If you are concerned about your pets health and wellbeing, please seek professional help from your Veterinarian, Behaviourist or Trainer.

What to look for when looking for a pet professional

So your looking for some one to walk your pooch, look after your pooch whilst you are on a well deserved holiday, someone to pop in and feed your cats, small animals etc,

Well this is some information to look for when looking for that person, after all there are a lot of people out there who offer these services and you want to make sure you get the right person for your amazing pets.

Overnight boarding and Day care

So for someone to be allowed to look after your pet in their home they MUST be licensed through the local council, they will they have an inspection to make sure their home is safe for your pooch and they have all the relevant paperwork in place, such as risk assessments, fire plan and isolation procedure, there are lots of rules and regulations that boarders have to abide by, this is for the safety of your pets. They MUST also be insured for pet boarding.

Dog walking and Animal care visits (pop ins)

Although there is very little regulation in the industry if any, please make sure the person you have asked to look after your amazing pets is INSURED, this is to protect your pets. We often hear about neighbours feeding cats etc which is absolutely fine however if something was to happen to your pet, Who would pay the vet bill? if some thing was to happen this could put a lot of strain on your friendship so why not employ a insured pet professional to look after your pet whilst you are away.

Things to look for in your Pet professional

  • Correct documents, ( Licence, Insurance)

  • Preferably first aid trained, DBS checked (even a basic)

  • Preferably some sort of qualification in Animal care

  • Preferably someone who has experience with animals and has a basic understanding of the animal and there behaviour they are asking to look after

  • Someone who is willing to provide references ( a person I call an open book professionally)

  • Someone who will put your pets needs first, after all they are what’s important

and the list can be never ending.

A lot of Pet professionals will provide a free no obligation meet and greet, I would always recommend meeting several this will make sure you find the right person for your pet, we are all different and we all work in different ways,

I would always recommend asking to see their paperwork (insurance, license etc), any reputable pet professional will bring this with them when they come to see you on the meet and greet.

Your local council will have a list of all licensed boarders