Flea and Worm Treatments

Please note all information found on my Did You Know pages are from my own research and experiences. If you are concerned for your pets health and wellbeing, Please seek professional advice from your Veterinarian, Behaviourist or Trainer

Did you know you should never use a dog flea treatment on a cat?

This might seem obvious but you would be surprised. Dog flea treatments generally use a active chemical called permetherin which is toxic to cats, this can also be found in a lot of the household flea spray, and also over household pesticides

 When spraying your home the best way to do this is to turn your heating on to warm up your house, then hoover your whole house and soft furnishings, this will help to wake up any fleas living in your home, as well as helping the pupae to hatch.  

Follow the instructions on the canister.

Make sure you spray in the dark warm areas for example the edges where the carpet meet the skirting board. A lot of the products for the home will advise you not to hoover again for around 2 weeks this is to give the chemicals chance to work, whilst the fleas are coming out of the pupae stage of their life circle.

Its always best to use both treat your home and pet at the same time,

Don't forget to also treat them for worms, fleas can carry tapeworm.

You can not use a flea spot on at the same time as a collar, spray,  or powder.

Always check how long the treatment is suppose to last, most last around 4 weeks, don’t treat again within this time. If you are having a problem with fleas or worms, seek veterinary help and advice .